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Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey guys. It's been a couple of days since I officially announced the launch of my blog, and when I did, I claimed that I would post every couple of days. I also said that my first 10 or so posts would all be discussing my favorite Gamecube games. I have every intention of continuing that list, but honestly, I haven't exactly completed it yet. Really, I am searching for a game to take the number 8 spot, and then I'll be ready to roll. I just bought Starfox Adventures, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Tales of Symphonia, and...well my friend bought me Mary-Kate and Ashley Licensed to Drive. Shout out to PokemonMike for that one...Anyway, those 4 games are all new to me and I don't want to overlook them while I create my list since I understand that 3 out of 4 of those games are very popular, and the fourth one is Wind Waker which will probably make top 3 regardless. I need a couple of days in order to fully digest each one and properly place it in the list. Until then, I've decided that I am going to briefly discuss two of my favorite Gamecube DISCS. I call them Gamecube "discs" because to call them Gamecube "games" would just be unfair. These two games that I plan to discuss were originally released for older consoles, so I can't really justify putting them on a list of my Top Ten Favorite Gamecube Games. The two games I am talking about are:      
            Sonic Adventure 2: Battle                    and                 The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle may have been one of the only experiences to successfully transcend from my childhood to my adult life without being corrupted by the differences in both worlds. I have accumulated about 115 hours on a single file on the Gamecube, and I am working with my brother to get all 180 emblems in the game for a second time. An emblem, in SA2, is an award given for completing various challenges such as completing a level for the first time, completing a level with an "A" rank, or getting large collections of "A" ranks for certain characters. Accumulating all 180 emblems in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was a challenge that took 80 hours of my life, but ended with one of the sweetest trophies I have ever seen in any video game, and I'm not kidding. What is the award? I'm sorry, but that secret is reserved only for the elite. Either way, whether you're trying to figure out the secret behind this ultimate prize, or simply enjoy a lovely 360 mph stroll through space, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle will undoubtedly keep you on your toes as you control the blue hedgehog himself in a quest to figure out who Sonic's new rival, Shadow the Hedgehog, really is capable of.
Release on Sega Dreamcast: June 19, 2001
Release on Nintendo Gamecube: February 12, 2002
The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition disc was actually the first experience I ever had playing the classic Zelda titles on my own. On this one single disc exists The Legend of Zelda, Link's Adventure, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. 4 titles on one
disc?? Was this expensive?? FUCK YES IT WAS. But it was 100% worth it. This disc turned me into a hardcore Zelda fan. For those who don't know, The Legend of Zelda was absolutely one of Nintendo's best franchises on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It's challenging puzzles and appealing gameplay brought a new face and pace to the video gaming world (Not that this was a very difficult accomplishment in 1986, but that's besides the point). What is NOT besides the point was how almost 10 years later, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released for the Nintendo 64, and the rest was history. This game secured a spot in the timeline of immortal video games so strongly that even Link, The Hero of Time would not be able to influence it. This game changed video game standards for ever, and still makes it's way onto G4's list of 100 best video games of all time, consistently falling no lower than spot number 10. Ocarina of Time specifically has had 4 remakes, 2 of them on the Nintendo Gamecube, so when you learn that this game is partnered with it's sequel, Marjora's Mask, on the same disc, your face melts off, and that's not a Zelda reference. I have found that most people get this disc for Ocarina and Majora's Mask so if you did, or if you plan on it, you will find that the gameplay is more or less exactly the same as it's original N64 counterpart. If by buying this 50$ disc you're expecting to play a classic on the Gamecube, you will not be disappointed. I can assure you, this is a disc you will play until the night of your final day, and THAT is a Zelda reference.
Release on various other Nintendo consoles: Feb 21, 1986, Jan 14, 1987, Nov 21, 1998, Oct 26, 2000
Release on Nintendo Gamecube: November 24, 2003

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