Nintendo Consoles

Nintendo Consoles

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Welcome to the future!

Hello everyone! Just making an announcement about a few additions I've made to Old Reality. Starting now, I would like to promote the contents in the side bar to the right. Behold the links to all of my favorite Youtube videos and websites all pertaining to video games. Please check them all out! Also please make good use of the search bar I added. With it, you can search Old Reality for anything I've ever tagged or discussed, including but not limited to "boobs", "big boobs", and "actually big boobs". With these changes comes the hope that this blog will be used not only for the writing of some entertaining reviews of Gamecube games, but as the home for a collection of great sites, blogs, links, and shows that I insist each and every one of you check out. I wouldn't give you links to a bunch of bullshit, so please click until your fingers bleed! Enjoy.

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