Nintendo Consoles

Nintendo Consoles

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Commencement of the Countdown

Hello! Hello to my friends and hello to video game enthusiasts! I welcome you to my blog at This blog is dedicated to those with whom I share memories of a fast-fading video game console, the Nintendo Gamecube. In the future, I plan to expand my posts to cover various other topics in the world of video gaming, but I'd like to start off writing a little bit about my favorite video game console ever created.

The Nintendo Gamecube offers a large variety of classic games such as Super Mario Sunshine and Metroid Prime in addition to its collection of video game failures AND its hidden gems. I plan on talking about a lot of examples of these different categories of Gamecube experiences, but I understand that I have a bit of qualification to establish before I can justify any of my own opinions. So for my first series of posts, I will answer a question that many of you Gamecube fanatics may have been asked by your own friends.

What are your top ten favorite Gamecube games?

Each game will have its own post AND a detailed analysis of why I feel it deserves a spot on my list. With a lifetime of Nintendo Gamecube under my belt so far, I can absolutely assure you that my list will be the result of extensive research, long hours of navigating the darkest caves, defeating the most powerful collection of bosses, solving the most tedious of puzzles, and saving the most needy of princesses simply so that I can claim that I am a Nintendo Gamecube expert.

New posts will be made every couple of days, so be sure to remember to check them out.
Stay tuned and keep on reading, because this next series is nothing you'll want to miss.

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  1. Great to see you combining your interests in gaming and writing, James, and more importantly, putting your work out there for the world to see.